As a self-publishing writer you owe it to yourself to distribute as widely as possible. Enter Lulu. Review it first to see if it’ll suit you and if it does this checklist will ensure you don’t miss any steps in getting your book online.

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Project Name: ______________________  Date: ______________
                                                                                                                                                           Yes           No

You can create a free Lulu account at:

Lulu Step 1 – Choose Your Publishing Type

1 You can create your book and distribute through Lulu (on Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, and Nook) through

2 You can simply print your book and order books through

Lulu Create Checklist
Step 1:

1 Enter your Title
2 Enter your Author Details (Name and Last name)

Step 2:

1 Upload Your Print Ready Files
2 Let Lulu run its automated check

Step 3:

1 Upload Your Print Ready PDF Cover
2 Let Lulu run its automated print checks

Step 4:

1 Review all details and hit ‘Save and Finish’.
2 Order a Proof Copy

The Self-Publishing Writer's Checklist

I’m using these lists myself and they’re absolutely chock-a-block with valuable information. Enjoy!

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