Buying items for ‘free’ and only paying for shipping is increasingly being used by marketers. If you’ve got a paperback book it’s a great way to get it out there and hopefully get reviews. Of course, you will have to pay the cost of printing yourself. 

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The Free Shipping Book Funnel checklist is arguably the best book funnel type to use as it allows you to attract buyer leads. Your leads will get your book for free, but they pay for the shipping and handling.

Free + Shipping Funnel Pre-Sell Checklist

1 Have you books ready to be shipped?                                                                                Yes                      No
2 Will you be sending the books yourself?
3 Will you be using a book fulfillment company?
4 Have you your lift letter done (letter to be sent with book)?
Free + Shipping Sales Page / Order Page Checklist
1 Have you created your book sales page/order page?
2 Does your sales page have a benefit-driven headline?
3 Does your sales page have a 3d image of your book?
4 Does your sales page have benefit-rich bullets?
5 Does your sales page have testimonials?
6 Does your sales page have an “About the Author” section?
7 Does your sales page have a bio photo of you?
8 Does your sales page have multiple clear calls to actions (CTAs)?
9 Dies your sales page have a high-quality video?
10 Have you linked the sales page with your autoresponder?
11 Have you created your book list in your autoresponder?
12 Have you linked your book order form to your merchant account?
13 Have you included an irresistible order form bump?

Free + Shipping Book Funnel Checklist

Using the free + shipping book funnel model allows you to monetize your
leads quickly so in your book funnel you should have 1-3 one time offers
or upsells related to your book that will make your prospects life easier,
help them get results faster and offers them advanced training.

Some possible funnel combinations are:

Free + Shipping Book > $27 Order Bump > $97 Offer > $197 Offer
Free + Shipping Book > Webinar > High Ticket Offer/ Coaching
Free + Shipping Book > Survey > Consultation > High Ticket Offer /


1 Have you decided on your book funnel combination?
2 Have you created the rest of the pages in your funnel?
3 Have you created your book download page?
4 Have you created a 5-7 follow up email series for after someone buys your
5 Have you created a cart abandon campaign for those who start the
checkout process but don’t buy?


The Self-Publishing Writer's Checklist

I’m using these lists myself and they’re absolutely chock-a-block with valuable information. Enjoy!

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