If you’re a writer you know your book will be judged by its cover. No pressure then. This Checklist takes you through the steps to producing an attention-getting cover.

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Cover Planning:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Yes           No

1 Have you saved 5-12 book covers from Amazon for inspiration?

2 Have you “mapped” out or drawn your cover on plain white paper?

3 Have you sourced a designer for your book?

4 Have you decided on a cover size? (6×9 is most common)

For book cover design, don’t skimp here. We DO judge a book by its
cover. Freelancer sites like UpWork, Freelancer have great designers.

Cover Design:

1 Have you designed your cover in full (front, back and spine)?

2 Is your cover in print ready format at 300Dpi

3 Have you resized your cover and spine to fit the number of pages?

4 Have you added your book cover copy and description to the back?

5 Have you added a short bio and bio photo to the back cover?

6 Have you added your barcode to the back of the book?

7 Have you added the book title, subtitle and your name to the front?

8 Have you added your book title and your name to the spine?

9 Have you created a kindle cover version for your book?

For your back cover we recommend you state the book category at the
top, then have a headline, benefit driven description of the book, 5-7 bullet
points, a testimonial, and a short bio on you along with a photo, your
website and the book barcode. For resizing your cover, and spine to fit the
number of pages in your book and to generate a barcode for your book
we recommend you use www.bookow.com It’s free and instant. You
simply enter your book details and hit generate.



The Self-Publishing Writer’s Checklist

I’m using these lists myself and they’re absolutely chock-a-block with valuable information. Enjoy!