Amazon is where our readers go so as a self-publishing writer that’s where we have to go too. Putting your book up as a paperback is probably not going to make you a lot of money but as it’s print-on-demand, it’s not going to cost you either. And, it’s great to be able to hold the book you’ve written in your own two hands smile


Today’s checklist takes you through the process of setting up your book as a paperback. If you missed yesterday’s checklist on marketing your book you can pop back and pick it up.


And rememberyou can copy and paste the checklist below or if you’d like the full list of 18 checklists in printable (PDF) format, just send me your email address below and you’ll be able to download immediately. 


Project Name: _____________________________________  Date: __________________________
                                                                                                                                   Yes              No

1 – Project:
1 Name Your Project
2 Choose Paperback
3 Choose “Guided” Step by Step Process with Help Along The Way

2 – Title Information:
1 Enter Your Book Title, and Subtitle if present
2 Enter the Primary Author’s Name and Contributing Author’s if applicable.
3 Enter the Series Title, Edition and Language, if applicable
4 You can Leave Publication Date Blank

3 – ISBN:
1 Choose “Free Amazon-Assigned ISBN” or “Provide Your Own ISBN”
4 – Interior:
1 Choose Interior Type (B&W, Full Colour, White or Cream)*
2 Choose Book Size
3 Upload Interior File

5 – Cover:
1 Select Matt or Glossy finish for your book.
2 Upload your print ready PDF book cover.

6 – Complete Setup:
Review everything then submit files for review. This process usually takes
24 hours. While your files are being reviewed you can:

1 Choose your distribution channels
2 Set your pricing across all Amazon stores.
3 Upload your Cover and Book Description
4 Upload your Author Bio
5 Choose your book category
6 Get your Kindle Ready files for publishing on Kindle.

Once your files have been reviewed you can review and proof your book
then order a physical proof of your book. We always recommend you do

The Self-Publishing Writer's Checklist

I’m using these lists myself and they’re absolutely chock-a-block with valuable information. Enjoy!

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