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Write, Edit & Publish a Short Story

 The Short Story Course That’s Different


Finally, a short story course where you’re not left to your own devices.
If you’re anything like me, you have writing courses coming out of your ears and still, you’re not published.
In this course, you will learn how to construct a short story, from outline to plot,
you will learn editing basics, and you will be published.

100% guaranteed

The Basics

Week 1 – Learn the basics of writing your short story
      Learn how to outline your short story

Week 2 – Learn how to create a believable character

Week 3 – Learn how to structure your short story

Week 4 – Learn how to create an engaging plot

Now we get to the difference in this short story course

Weeks 4 – 6 – Write 2000 to 3000 words around a common theme (to be supplied the day before class starts)

Week 5 – submit first paragraph for critique

Week 6 – Edit your first draft

You are a Published Author!

The Writer’s Pen will provide final edit

The Writer’s Pen will compile stories into an anthology*

The Writer’s Pen will publish the finished Anthology on Amazon within 3 months

*There may be more than one anthology, depending on numbers

6-week course begins 22 September @7.30pm GMT LIVE on Zoom - Replays shared within 24 hours








Your $97 Payment includes 1 copy of the published Anthology

“Norah’s perceptive eye captures the flow of the prose and the little grammar glitches with an equal measure of attention. She is a writer’s writer who can navigate anything from comma to content, and make it all fit, look, and sound just right.”

Sheila K Lewis

Author, Editor & Educator

Signing the anthology where my
first published story appeared

About The Writer’s Pen


My name is Norah Deay, and I am a writer. cool

I won my first short story competition when I was 10 years old but it was another 44 years before I felt comfortable telling anyone.

I was 54 when I was first published; I entered a competition to have a story featured in an anthology, and I won.

The rest, as they say, is history. I have more than 130 publications on Amazon. Most are journals and notebooks, but buried in there are 6 books and a few short stories.

As writers, we’re terribly hard on ourselves. Standing in front of a mirror repeating “I am a writer” over and over is not uncommon. We’re afraid our friends and family won’t take us seriously, or worse, if we’re not rich we mustn’t be any good.

Doing it for the money is not why writers write. You can repeat that in front of a mirror too. However, seeing your name in print is priceless.

At least I think it is.

If you want to see your name on the cover of a book sign up for this 6-week course.