The Four-week Self-Publishing Path | Norah Deay

Attention writers – fiction and non-fiction: If you’ve written a book, 
then you know there’s more work to be done…

Finally! A Fast & Easy, Step-By-Step Plan To Self-Publish Your Book…

Without Stressing Over Time, Money, Or Sales!

Writing a book is only the first step in the publication process. Before you can reap the rewards, you must get your book out there, and that means embracing self-publishing…


Hey there Author,

For years—decades maybe—we’ve known that one of the very best ways to be seen as an expert in your field is to publish a book. Authors are routinely called upon for…

• Interviews with local and national media
• Speaking engagements
• JV partnerships
• Even more book deals

But none of that will happen if your book is unfinished and unpublished.

Writing Is Easy…Publishing Is Hard!

Let’s face it, you already know enough to fill volumes. You write about your topic every day in your blog, on emails, and social media. If you’re writing non-fiction you may create training courses and record podcast interviews and manage a YouTube channel. You might host webinars and speak at events.

You know your stuff.

Writing a book about it is just a matter of putting the words on paper. Maybe you’ve already done that. I can’t tell you how many coaches I speak to who have at least one book finished (or mostly finished) sitting on their hard drives just…waiting.

What holds them back? Frankly, it’s simply not knowing where to start.

Clearing the Confusion Surrounding the Self-Publishing Landscape

Look, we’ve all been there. You have a business to run. Clients to connect with. Marketing plans to manage and implement.

The last thing you need is to add a self-publishing learning curve to your task list.

But I’m here to tell you, if you don’t tackle this job, your book will forever sit on your hard drive gathering virtual dust, instead of…

✓ Announcing your expertise
✓ Solidifying your unique brand
✓ Adding your voice to your niche
✓ Attracting a new audience

And most of all, it won’t be helping your ideal client reach her goals and achieve her dreams!

Clearly, you owe it to yourself—and your clients—to get your book out there and in the hands of those who need it most. And that starts with my four-week path to self-publishing.


I’ve heard enough – let me at it!

The 4-Week Self-Publishing Path

There’s nothing magical about self-publishing. It doesn’t require a marketing degree or technical expertise. And unlike just a few years ago, it no longer requires a huge investment.

But it does require that you have a solid understanding of the various platforms, proper formatting for each, and a bit of a time investment. In my “4-Week Self-Publishing System,” I’ve got all this and more covered for you, so all you have to do is find that book that’s mostly finished and get started!

Module 1: Get Your Book Ready for Publishing

Finishing your book is only the beginning—but don’t worry, in module one I’ll walk you through what needs to happen before your book is ready for print, including…

3 types of editing—skip even one of these, and your book (and your sales) will suffer for it.
Where to find great editors—and why this is one job you absolutely must outsource.
How and why to pre-qualify beta readers—and how to get feedback that is actually helpful and not simply glowing.
How to choose a formatter for your book—including six questions you must answer before you pay anyone!
3 formatting options to choose from—and one that you probably already have on your computer (plus how to use it).
Two ways to create a spectacular, stand-out cover—don’t skip this, because people really do judge a book by its cover.
Pros and cons of various cover file types—and when and why you might choose one over another.
How to organize your files for your formatter—she’ll be much more efficient and less expensive if you do this one simple thing!
How to prepare your files for distribution—because a little planning leads to a lot less stress!

Module 2: Plan Your Book Launch

Now that your book is edited and properly formatted, it’s time to get the word out, and that starts with a book launch. Of course, there are lots of moving parts to coordinate, so I’ve broken down the steps for you in module 2, including…

✓ 10 pre-launch tasks you can do right now (even before your book is finished) to build a buzz—get your audience excited, and you’ll build a ready list of buyers weeks ahead of time!
✓ Why your book launch is not just about your book—and how to incorporate video, audio and more to capture a larger audience.
✓ Why YouTube can be your biggest source of traffic during a book launch—and all it takes is this one simple tool!
✓ How to prepare your website for launch—skipping this step is like failing to tidy your house before company arrives.
✓ How to find the time to do all the tasks that are required for an amazing launch—because the last thing you need is more overwhelm.
✓ A 3-step plan for gearing up your social media presence—Without a strong social media plan, your launch will suffer.
✓ The one tool all social outreach plans need—and you’re probably using it every day (but maybe not correctly).
✓ How to find out the best time (and places) to hang out online with your audience—because getting in front of the traffic is critical to your success.
✓ How to make use of your ARCs—and how to be sure you get the best results from your outreach efforts.

Module 3: Step-by-Step Amazon Set-up

No publishing plan is complete without a deep-dive into Amazon and its self-publishing services, including Kindle and CreateSpace. In Module 4, you’ll discover…

✓ Why it’s critical to upload your book to Amazon’s self-publishing platforms in a specific order—if you get this wrong, you’ll create a lot more work for yourself!
✓ Vital differences you must know about cover art—one missing piece can derail your publishing plans before you get started.
✓ Time—and frustration—saving tips for image formatting—the rules are very different for print than digital, so don’t skip this section.
✓ Why you don’t need all the space you’re given for your book description—and how to make your book stand out.
✓ The pros and cons of publishing on Create Space—and why you might want to do it regardless.
✓ What you must know about ISBNs—and how one little choice can keep you out of brick-and-mortar bookstores permanently.
✓ How to make the KDP Select decision—and the huge advantage that can more than make up for lack of sales.
✓ How to optimize your Amazon author page—and an in-depth look at one author who gets it all right.

Module 4: Grow Your Reach with More Publishing Platforms & Promotions

As unbelievable as it may seem, there are many (many) other publishing platforms outside of Amazon. In module 4, we’re going to dig deep into your other options to see where you can possibly have greater success…

✓ 3 major platforms your audience is using—including the one you may never have heard of!
✓ A bullet point comparison of the most popular publishing platforms—and one big drawback to a major player that you must know about.
✓ 7 ways to promote your book offline—you might just be surprised how much traction you can gain.
✓ Practical tips for how to manage it all—because it’s easy to become so overwhelmed your book is never published, or worse, it’s published badly.
✓ Critical considerations when it comes to choosing different publishing platforms—including location-specific issues you may not have considered.
✓ What you must know about payments, commissions, and stats—and which platforms do it best.
✓ Why you might want to purchase your own ISBN—and the one platform that requires it.


Bonus ONE – Writing Tips

If you implement only one of these 25 tips each day you’ll be a better writer.

Bonus TWO – Making your Amazon Author page work for you

Just like the about page on your website, this is where Amazon browsers go when they want to know more about you. Say for example they’re browsing for information about business branding, and they find your new book. If you’re an unknown to them, it’s hard to know if you have the information they’re looking for. That’s where your author page comes in.

By clicking through to your page, new visitors can learn about:

  • Your experience and expertise
  • Other books you’ve written
  • Your blog and the topics you cover there
  • Upcoming events

They can even ask you a question or two. What better way to decide if that book is worth the investment in time and money than to get to know the author better?

Bonus THREE – Book Bestseller Launch Planner

Here are a few benefits of having a bestselling book:

  • Earn money through a consistent passive income
  • Land speaking engagements
  • Partner with local groups
  • Build your own unique brand

Once your book becomes a bestseller, not only does it have all the benefits above, but it helps your later writing projects become successful.  Think about it: each book you write will have “Bestselling author of…” on the cover which will automatically draw readers.  However, you must put the work in now to be successful later on and that means planning your book launch.

Turn Your Passion Into a Book, and
Your Book Into Sales

Listen, no one ever claimed that publishing is easy. There is work involved for sure, but I can promise you this: It’s totally worth it.

Nothing—and I mean nothing—speaks more highly of you and your abilities than a published book.

It’s time to stop making excuses for why you’re not published yet and embrace the self-publishing revolution to get your thoughts and talent in front of a wider audience.

The 4-Week Self-Publishing Path will help you do just that.

I can’t promise your book will land you a guest spot on Ellen, but I can tell you that your book has the power to reach more people and improve more lives and businesses than any other tool in your arsenal.

How much is it worth to you to ensure it gets in the hands of those who need it most?