Have you ever been told off for blabbing? |

BlabWell, never again! BLAB is the brainchild of the BEBO team – remember BEBO? it was a forerunner to Facebook, so that tells me these people are early adopters and we should pay attention.

They’re bringing social into social media and is a platform that should be very attractive to salespeople in partuclar. You know you love talking and now here’s your opportunity
toengage with clients, peers and industry trend setters. Live, on video.

Conversations are held betweeen 2-4 people and if the topic you want to talk about is not there already, you ‘start a new blab’ and wait for someone to join. Everything takes time to get off the ground and this team have been working on

The downside for me? I’m going to have to put on makeup more often!

The web address is https://blab.im/ and you can download the BLAB app from iTunes also https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/blab-live-video-conversations/id1023962293?mt=8