Why administrators have the best inner editors

I have been a secretary, administrator, personal assistant aWriter Your Book post itnd executive assistant for nearly 30 years. A common theme in every position I held was the requirement of ‘attention to detail’ i.e. no mistakes. Particularly no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Do you know what that does to a writer? Yes, it paralyses them! I never stopped writing up to the age of 27 when I began this journey in admin. Since then, the joy I used to feel has been diluted by my inner editor.

I’m performing my own style of exorcism on this bad guy at the moment by ploughing headlong into whatever I’m writing and when I finish I can go back. Even writing this little post is a nightmare of red underlining that is screaming at me to fix. No – I will not, it takes 21 days to form a habit – I’m going to get there. I have a post-it that says so!

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